The Annual Beyond Ordinary Life Photography Calendar

Each year I put together a calendar of personal projects for my brand ambassadors. Its my little way of thanking them for a year of support. (I also produce a limited number for purchase).


In December I teased a photo asking friends and family to identify one image. No one could. Was it a Martian landscape? An Ant Hill? Carpet in need of re stretching?  I wouldn’t tell! Now that my calendars have been delivered to my brand ambassadors I can finally reveal the truth!

I have included photos below of each featured image.

Up close image of the big guy!

Tulsa Photography Calendar

2017 Beyond Ordinary Life Photography Calendar Cover


Fall on Turkey Mountain in the snow.


Downtown Tulsa during a spring storm


Tulsa skyline as a storm passes over


Natural Falls State Park

Natural Falls State park in the fall


Orange Leaves at Natural Falls State Park

orange leaves at Natural Falls State Park


Robbers Cave State Park on a dreary winter day


they call me lil’ bit


Tulsa’s Golden Driller

Turkey Mountain on a snowy morning


Tulsa IPE Building at Sunset

International Petroleum Expo Building in Tulsa


Miss Jacksons Tulsa, Fine Art, Original ArtworkSo, tell me! Which is your favorite? What would you like to see included for next year?


If you would like to purchase a calendar please contact us here.

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