What you can expect from a session at Beyond Ordinary Life Photography

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a full service portrait studio. More often than not new clients do not know what to expect when I say that.
Tulsa Portrait Photographer Beyond Ordinary Life PhotographyFull service means I work with you from the day of booking all the way up to hanging your portraits in your home. Before we ever actually photograph the session we will meet to discuss clothing options, design choices and for you to get a feel for the collections you could have displayed in your home. We will work together to design a portrait session that compliments your homes design style and make color choices that help to not make the session look dated and styles that flatter your figure. This is a great time to tell me what areas of concern you have about the photo session (things like “I don’t like my ears” or “my child never sits still”).  At this time I will ask you to take a few photos of the walls where you plan to display these images in the future.

The day of the session we will meet at our designated location for a lighthearted session full of laughter. I make it a point to have my own family portraits done regularly and I know firsthand how stressful being in-front of a lens can feel. Expect bad jokes and silliness; it’s all part of the fun! I will pose you into flattering and natural poses that minimize concern areas. You likely will feel like I am creating new yoga poses, but I promise in you will not look awkward in the portraits!

About 2 weeks after the session, we will meet for our Image Reveal and Investment Session. This is where we will enjoy our first look of all the images together (it is studio policy to never share an image without client approval and this includes sneak peeks! I want you to feel completely confident in all the images that the world sees!) We sit back and enjoy a slide show, I show you the layouts I envision on your walls. This means you get to see exactly how these wall portraits will look in your home! Then we will look at the best of the best (usually around 20-30 images) and select your favorites.

See what your home will look like with your portraits before you place the order!

Once we have selected your favorites I get to work. I meticulously review each photo removing flyaway hairs, brightening skin tones, making sure the eyes sparkle and that you look the very best! I never want my clients images to look over processed or fake; I want them to be stunning! On average, I spend 2-4 hours per image to get everything just right.

Then comes my favorite part: delivery! About two weeks after our viewing session, your orders arrive and I perform my quality inspection and prepare certificates of authenticity for your art. Once my inspection is complete I call and schedule a time to bring the images to you! Not only that; I also will help you display them at no extra charge! I get to share in the joy of making your home beautiful and unique to you! Sometimes my K9 assistant Ruby comes with me – of course, I let my clients know this ahead of time and I would never bring her into someone’s home without permission!


Ruby helps to keep the kiddos busy during deliveries!

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