Valentines Day – It should be for everyone!



Today I am going to break away from tradition. February 14 is mired in traditions of romantic overtures.

Today I have seen engagements, Tulsa skylines with happy couples, married couples celebrating years of commitment. It is beautiful!

Yes, these beautiful moments do happen! When they do they are pure magic! Your breath is whisked away, the world stands still and for a time everything is perfect! These are certainly moments to be celebrated and treasured!

I do not wish to take away from one single special memory but to encourage the folks finding something amiss on this day. Today my Facebook feed has included several friends who are single, feeling left out. I just do not think this should be the case! As a 30(something) female I can say with great certainly that I have also experienced some Valentines Days that fell short of the ideal. This caused me to have a very calloused view of this holiday. Going forward I am going to reframe how I see Valentine’s Day and I encourage you to do so too!

Starting today I will take some time to take stock on what I love. For me these things include photography (of course!), loved ones, time in the unspoiled great outdoors, sunrises, a great glass of wine, music that can instantly lift my sprits, and all the other things that make my life so very special.

As I am writing this it seems only fitting to call up my favorite soundtrack to edit to. This particular album has gotten me thru so many tasks. It was constantly IMG_4702on while I was a child, then studying in college, it remains the only constant in my road trip playlists and now is my go to for working on my clients treasured memories. This week this album turns 45. The album I speak of is Carole King’s Masterpiece  – Tapestry. This album means so much to me that I now have my mothers 8track sitting snuggled in amongst some of my most favorite things on a book shelf in my office. What love about this album is that it does not hide life’s trials but celebrates the victories. I simply cannot isolate one song as my favorite from this album. It’s practically my template for life. Hard times happen, loneliness comes and goes. What matters is how you face it. If you haven’t discovered this album I encourage you to do so. Sing along, shout along. Do it a few times and I dare you to try to sing along and not smile.

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes, you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel
-Carole King • Beautiful


Looking at Valentines Day with the new frame of celebrating life and everything that makes is wonderful is my preferred way to celebrate this holiday. I hope that moving forward you will consider this view too!

Much love – Laurie.


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