Spotlight on Beyond Ordinary Life Seniors – Duncan BTW Class of 2015

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I met Duncan through his mother Darcy. Darcy and I volunteered on the TATUR Mud Run Planning Committee.  As a result, I have been photographing Duncan for years! Duncan is a second generation Booker T. Washington student and a brilliant kid with a grounded sense of community. I have had the pleasure of photographing over the years and he has always been up to having fun at photo sessions, we even had a snowball fight at centennial park a few years ago for family portraits! Duncan is always quick with a joke and you can tell he sincerely loves his little sister and enjoys her company (most of the time).

For his Senior Portraits Duncan opted to feature downtown Tulsa in his photos giving them a more urban feel. This only made sense, his elementary school was Lee Elementary and just steps from downtown proper. The Tulsa skyline has been home to so many of his memories over the years it almost felt like a family portrait at times! 11161734_801732023267608_1114733204035876145_o

This year he graduated from Booker T. Washington High School where he participated in the IBD Programme. Duncan was one of three Presidential Scholars representing Oklahoma this year, actually he was the first from Booker T. Washington in ten years! Obviously highly intelligent, but also well grounded; Duncan will attend Princeton this fall.10929944_10152880538909103_5573276090779256163_n

One of the many reasons I am so proud of Duncan is that he is incredibly humble, personable and considerate young man, Duncan chose not to wear his Princeton shirt at school after his acceptance. He realized that not all of his friends were accepted to their first choice school and he did not want to make them feel worse.

Tulsa Senior Portraits, Tulsa Seniors, Senior Pics,


Tulsa will miss his smile, jokes and quick wit while he is away.


Tulsa Senior Pics, Tulsa Portraits, Tulsa Seniors


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