September 2017 – A month of recovery aid.

As we sit comfortably in our homes here in Green Country Oklahoma our collective hearts are breaking for our Texas neighbors. Usually this time of year would be the beginning of light hearted ribbing over football. This year all eyes are on Texas and the unimaginable volume of water invading. I want to encourage each person who reads this to find a way to help rescue efforts in any way possible. If not in person by donations. Ultimately donations to the American Red Cross is the fastest way to aid in this mission. You can click this image and be taken direct to the hurricane Harvey donation site.

Donate direct to the American Red Cross Harvey relief efforts

Donate direct to the American Red Cross Harvey relief efforts

As we know in Oklahoma from our experience with Tornadoes the recovery is a longer road than the actual rescue. This recovery will include humans, pets and wildlife. The following charities have been vetted by people I trust.

Wildlife Center of Texas
Houston, Texas

Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC)
Houston, Texas

Animal Rehabilitation Keep (ARK) at UT Marine Science Institute
Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas Sealife Center
Corpus Christi…/

Austin Wildlife Rescue
Austin, Texas

Southern Wildlife Rehab
San Antonio, Texas
(Please note: This center is serving as an umbrella group and accepting donations on behalf of multiple wildlife rehab facilities. They will disburse the donations and document that. So please mark donations for “Hurricane Harvey Wildlife Rehab Facilities.).

And Tulsa-area friends, here’s a way to help locally through the Humane Society of Tulsa!


Additionally for the month of September I will donate 15% of each booking fee to the recovery efforts. This is a great time to book your holiday or fall family portraits!

Take care of one another.


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