Pretty much my favorite thing!

I often say “Senior Portraits are pretty much my favorite thing to photograph.

Tulsa Senior Photos, Tulsa Senior Photography, Tulsa Senior Portraits

It sounds cheesy, but it is true!

I love the individuality each senior brings to a session! I love the hope for the future that they carry! I love seeing seniors make those first big choices in life! I love going to the places in Tulsa that mean something to them!

Getting to know these young adults is simply amazing! As we work together to capture “who they are” I become invested in the dreams they have. I attend graduations, cheer when the college acceptance letters come, and these seniors are not just a name to me. They are someone! They are amazing and dynamic! And they become a part of my Beyond Ordinary Life Photography family. Each client I have helps to mold my studio to be the very best that it can be.

In my early 20’s I earned my black belt in Aikido, part of this process was teaching. As I taught skills to my fellow class mates I quickly realized that each interaction leaves a mark, a lesson if you will. Every day I try to take stock of what I have learned from today; this could be a skill or technique, this could be a book I must read or could be a new way to look at life.

The best part about this bond I create with my seniors is that they keep in touch with me! Often I photograph younger siblings, family portraits, engagement portraits, and weddings! I love this! They turn to me to ask who should photograph their maternity and newborn photos (trust me when I say you want someone who specializes in these two and I know the best in the business!).
This is why Seniors are pretty much my favorite thing to photograph!
Tulsa Senior Photos, Tulsa Senior Photography, Tulsa Senior Portraits

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