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Valentines Day – It should be for everyone!

  Today I am going to break away from tradition. February 14 is mired in traditions of romantic overtures. Today I have seen engagements, Tulsa skylines with happy couples, married couples celebrating years of commitment. It is beautiful! Yes, these beautiful moments do happen! When they do they are pure magic! Your breath is whisked
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Wall Portrait Photographer

In the years I have been in business there have been regular learning experiences. Mostly good ones. Its been an interesting road, and I’m excited to say I am excited for the path laying before me!  My goal for each session is to create a piece of photographic art to proudly display in your home.   I am
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TZ Trail Races / TATUR Christmas Party 2015

As anticipated the 2015 TZ Trail Races/ TATUR Christmas Party did not disappoint. Our Trail Running Family and significant others were in high sprits and happy to share the annual gathering with old timers and new faces alike. Trail running is a unique breed of runner. Sure we have the super fast folks who can 
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TATUR Christmas Party, Beyond Ordinary Life Photography

'Tis the season

For the second year in a row I am excited to host the TATUR Christmas Party at the studio! T.A.T.U.R. (Tulsa Area Trail & Ultra Runners) is a group I have proudly belonged to for almost 6 years. This motley crew of athletes has become a family to many, myself included. I owe a debt of
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30 Things I love

I have been enjoying watching everyones daily thankful posts. I have done these in the past but rarely have I managed to remember each and every day. While I was on a trail race it came to me that I should just post a list of things that make me happy, smile, or instantly calm
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Jill & Shane Lambert’s Engagement

I am putting the finishing touches on Jill & Shane’s wedding photos at the moment and just had to post a couple of engagement photos  to share with everyone! In the case of Jill and Shane it was important that this engagement and marriage place a priority on family. The best way we could reflect
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Grape Stomp at Pecan Creek Winery • Muskogee OK

Recently I had the honor of photographing the First Annual Grape Stomp at Pecan Creek Winery in Muskogee OK. To some when I mention my favorite vineyard is the brainchild of a Physicist and Priest they think I am setting up a joke when I am in fact bragging on the the budding agritourism Oklahoma
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Balloon Releases, they look pretty but do so much damage!

Recently in Tulsa I am noticing an unfortunate trend. Balloon releases are popping up everywhere! I have an ethical objection to these types of events. Im sure you are thinking something along the lines of “its just a few balloons, whats the big deal?” Sure balloons look beautiful, floating up, higher and higher until they’re
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Beyond Ordinary Life Photography Celebrates Three Years!

It has now been more than 3 years since I launched Beyond Ordinary Life Photography. Holy Cow! What a journey it’s been! From dream to function and then on to bustling business, it has been challenging at times, and amazing all the way. I am pleased with the unexpected twists and turns this business has
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Spotlight on Beyond Ordinary Life Seniors – Duncan BTW Class of 2015

    I met Duncan through his mother Darcy. Darcy and I volunteered on the TATUR Mud Run Planning Committee.  As a result, I have been photographing Duncan for years! Duncan is a second generation Booker T. Washington student and a brilliant kid with a grounded sense of community. I have had the pleasure of
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