Impromptu Photo Event

I had been invited to a photo event in Broken Arrow months ago and had put it down as a ‘maybe’ lately my schedule has been so unpredictable. It popped up on my Facebook feed and I thought, why not? At the very least I can network with new photogs and invite them to Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association (INPPA). 

High School Senior Photographer Broken ArrowTo be honest I did less networking than expected and wwaaaayyy more photographing! There were two girls who drove in from out of town for the event. One from Yukon OK, and one from Kansas! We had a BLAST!

I started asking about outfits and what ideas they had before we got off and running only to find the High School Junior from Kansas is a Boxer! Well I have bIMG_0144-Editeen dying to get a female boxer into the studio for YEARS but not surprisingly they are hard to come by! Well we trotted down to the MMA gym Team Impact on Main Street for a quick MacGyver studio session.


First let me say just how much Downtown BA has changed over the past few years! Wow! Neat shops, trendy eating places! This is not the BA of the 1990’s! Secondly it was fun to find places to photograph in an area I would have never considered before!

I had so much fun just walking up and down main street talking to the girls. Stephanie from Yukon is a photog in training so we talked gear – even if she is a Nikon shooter.

I think the best part for me was when the mother of my Boxer tells me, “you know we come from a small town where everyones Aunt or Cousin takes their senior pictures. Some things it is just worth spending money on. And we will be back for her senior portraits.” That just made my day! Not just because I LOVE BEING A SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER but because that is what I stress to everyone I meet. More often than not photographs are the only thing you have after the moment or point in time passes. You can never get this age, day or event back but for a moment I can freeze time. How cool is that?



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