Grape Stomp at Pecan Creek Winery • Muskogee OK

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Recently I had the honor of photographing the First Annual Grape Stomp at Pecan Creek Winery in Muskogee OK.


To some when I mention my favorite vineyard is the brainchild of a Physicist and Priest they think I am setting up a joke when I am in fact bragging on the the budding agritourism Oklahoma has popping up! Just short drive from Tulsa is this gem nestled in the rolling Cherokee hills. As an artist I love supporting local dreamers and Bob is no exception! When science and a dream meet this is where the magic happens! The fact that he is making such a beautiful go of it in a state that has yet to modernize its liquor laws is nothing short of a testament to the quality of the product! Several of Pecan Creek Winery’s now boast National awards! I am so happy when fellow Oklahomans succeed!

The grape stomp is a day when the vineyard invites local vendors, food trucks & artists to celebrate life in Oklahoma under the late summer sun. Some of my personal favorites included Emily from Yoga Wine Club and Mile Junkie running gear!  This is a place for family and friends to gather and enjoy life! I encourage you to attend next year!

Here is a quick look at a beautiful Oklahoma day filled with smiles, laughter and sunshine.

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