Bucket List Locations – One down • Tulsa, Oklahoma

In my calendar I carry with me everywhere I go I keep a few lists running of creative ideas I have.


First is the list of blog topics that may (or may never) be written.


Second comes the list of competition concepts, some with diagrams of lighting or locations; some just titles.


Third is locations. Locations I want to photograph. This is divided into four parts. Local (within an hour drive). Weekend trip (up to 4 hours out). Continuous US (kinda self explanatory). Epic (I need a passport and a hotel).


I am not going to post my list here but I will say I ticked one off the list recently.

Tulsa’s Pedestrian Bridge makes for some amazing photos

I have long admired the Tulsa Pedestrian Bridge and it’s dramatic lines. Back in July a friend celebrated his birthday by running repeats on the bridge at night. I joined for a few miles and an idea was hatched.

Pedestrian Bridge Tulsa PortraitsThe bridge you see is scheduled for demolition soon. Structurally the bridge has moved to a swift decline. Braced with this knowledge I could no longer keep this on the “location bucket list,” and it was time for action. Otherwise these opportunities would be lost. My long time friend Tom was game and asked his girlfriend Angela if she would be willing to pose for an extra steamy couples session. Lucky for me she said “let’s do it!”

Pedestrian Bridge Tulsa Portraits

For these two this was a bit of a stretch. Both are more the fun and easy going type (meaning jokes come naturally). This type of session tends to involve regular bursts of silliness and giggles. Exposing a relationship to this kind of vulnerability takes a certain amount of trust in the photographer.

Pedestrian Bridge Tulsa Portraits

If anyone is interested in this type of session or senior portraits on the bridge contact me ASAP before this bridge is gone.

Thanks so much to these two for making this idea a reality!



11 Responses to “Bucket List Locations – One down • Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • This is such a great way to break up your travel bucket list! My list is long and disorganized maybe I’d tick more off the list if I used your approach? Love this bridge in Tulsa, I bet it’s a photographer’s dream to shoot on, too bad it’s getting torn down soon.

  • I have a bucket list of place I want to shoot at too! the list is ever growing and occasionally I get to tick one off. This bridge is a very cool spot and its sad it will be gone soon, but that makes for lifetime photos. Great work.

  • Another Oklahoma friend! Hello! I love this bridge; I so wish it was not about to be demolished and I’d love visit! Stunning couple and images. Great job!

  • What beautiful couples portraits! So sad such a pretty bridge would get torn down! Tulsa, Oklahoma folks better jump on this fast so they don’t miss you taking their photos there!

  • These photos are really great! Also like your bucket list idea!

  • Ahh! If I were in Oklahoma I’d be so down to take advantage of that bridge before it’s demolition. These sneak peeks are beautiful– you do such a great job with couple photography!

  • Ahhhhhh Tulsa at night is perfect! As is the couples portrait!!! I love how you captured them so nicely in the low light!

  • oh this is a wonderful idea on how to divide up your list. i think i will have to copy this! beautiful engagement session in TULSA.

  • What a beautiful location for such steamy couple photos! I love that you can see the Tulsa skyline!

  • Great use of lighting with these! I’ve never been to Tulsa, but it’s really cool to see the skyline in the photos.

  • The way you keep a ongoing list for the places you want to travel and shoot at inspired me. I need to start a list of my own 🙂 I love this steamy session on the bridge!