Beyond Ordinary Life Stand Out’s

Stand Out Team

Become a member of Beyond Ordinary Life Photography’s exclusive Stand Out team.

  • What is a “Stand Out” ? Stand out’s are teens who are doing great things! If you are a dynamic teen who is an athlete, member of student government, in the fine arts, or busy in your community/family! This is not a matter of being the most glamorous or popular! This is for the teens who are living life to its fullest!
  • Why would I want to be a Stand Out? Stand Out’s are invited to participate in fine art concept photo sessions at unusual locations. Each stand out selected gets a FREE photo session with 5 web resolution photos to share on social media! Huge discounts on any photos purchased (purchase not required).
  • What does it take to be a stand out? Answer a quick survey, follow us on instagram and be prepared for some fun!