About Beyond Ordinary Life Photography

About our Passion:

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a Wall Portrait Photography Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We often say “Your life isn’t ordinary, why should your memories be any different?” We want to capture what makes your life special, unique and truly yours! Our images are created to be focal points in your home showcasing the life you love to live!

By working with our clients we provide an experience that is personal to each client. We combine your love and our equipment and expertise to craft memories that are truly one of a kind.

We work only with the best labs in the Nation to provide you with high quality art to pass the test of time.

About the Photographer

I am Laurie. I am a photographer in Tulsa OK, self-proclaimed Okie, ultra marathon/marathon runner, activist, and fur baby mom.

I grew up in a small Oklahoma town before moving to Broken Arrow. I went to Oklahoma State, where I realized a 4 year school just wasn’t for me and that my passion lie in Photography. I attended OSU-Okmulgee where I studied photography. After moving to the East Coast for 6 years I came back. One thing never changed while I was away; I was still an Okie girl at heart. Okies are a hearty and fierce bunch. Adaptable to whatever Mother Nature can throw at them. In that way I never left Indian Territory… I still roll with the punches. Once I came back I knew I was home.

At the age of 30 (!) I woke up one day and decided to become a runner. Just a 5K was the plan. After a few 5Ks I thought maybe a 15K wouldn’t be so bad. Just a few weeks after the 15K was a half-marathon; after all, what’s a few more miles? After a few half marathons I took up trail running and jumped up to a 25K. In 2 years time I went from being the kid who did not participate in PE to a Marathon Runner. I didn’t stop there, and 11 months after my first marathon I ran a 50K. What can I say? Running gets inside you and doesn’t let you go!

Why do I mention my fur babies? Well to be honest, I adore them and will likely mention them in conversations. 2 dogs and 1 cat and all of them rescues. First I have my loyal running partner Ruby (I often call her Ru or Ru-ru). Ru is a Labarottie, ok so she is really a Lab/Rott mix but I call her a Labarottie – hey, if other people hybrid the names of a Golden Retriever/Labrador/Poodle mix and call it a Goldendoodle, why can’t I? Ru has trained with me for marathons and participated in trail races with me. She is 6 and in the early stages of becoming an older dog, but she still runs and plays! Recently we adopted a female Pit-bull mix (I call her a Pibble) named Greta. Strictly speaking she is my boyfriends dog, but we aren’t very strict about that. She just over a year old yet and quite the energetic affectionate handful. Neko a calico rounds out the menagerie. Disclaimer: I am not a cat person. Actually, I am allergic to cats but I took them in before I knew this. To me a pet is a lifetime commitment. My cat will live out a life of feline comfort until I go or she does. Don’t worry, she gets plenty of love and I stay on the allergy meds year round. I have had her 15 years and she shows no sign of slowing down.

If you can’t find me behind a camera or out on a running trail and the weather is good, I am probably outside on some sort of adventure. I might be sightseeing with the top down on my convertible, lazing in a pool or kayaking one of the many bodies of water located here in Green Country. I have a hard time sitting still.

I am an active member of Professional Photographers of Oklahoma serving on the board of directors,and the Professional Photographers of America (member #8252876). I am also the 2016 Past President of Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association – the Tulsa affiliate guild of PPA and PPOK. I have a firm belief that you never stop learning and that everyone has something to teach you. As a result I am continually furthering my education in both photography and owning a business.

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America

As a member of Professional Photographers of America I am committed to holding myself to a high standard both in the quality of my work and in my treatment of my clients.

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a proud member of the Professional Photographers of Oklahoma

Professional Photographers of Oklahoma is the state affiliate of PPA and gives me a wonderful set of peers across the state to draw inspiration from and encourages me to continue learning. By Serving on the Board of Directors for PPOK I help ensure that this quality community continues on.

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a proud member of Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association

Indian Nations Professional Photographers Association is the Tulsa Guild connected to the PPA. This guild is at the forefront of my desire to continue to learn and increase my skills as a photographer. This also is where I share my love of learning with other photographers in the Tulsa area.

I have served on the Board of Directors in 2014 (membership co-chair), 2015 (Vice President)  2016 (President) and 2017 (Immediate Past President).

Laurie is a Proud Founder of the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition

I am also a founding member of the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition. I am deeply interested in preserving Tulsa’s wild spaces for generations to come. In 2014, 2015 & 2016 I have served on the Board of Directors as the Marketing and Public Relations Chair.