2017 Life Goals

Turkey Mountain in the Snow December 2016

Each year I make a list of goals for the approaching year. I prefer this over resolutions. I make one for each year of my life thus far. These can be small things or very big things. The idea is to keep it fun, realistic, and attainable. I have done this every year since I was 24. Before I begin my new list I look back on the past year to see how things played out. I see it as a great way to take stock of the past year. What worked. What didn’t and plan to improve over the next year!

  1. Run the OKC Marathon again
  2. Run 3 full marathons or 50K’s
  3. Run PHH 50k
  4. Earn my double agent status at last
  5. do a personal photography project each month (not just client work, I love my clients and love the work but personal projects allow me to try new things!)
  6. make one smart addition to my studio equipment
  7. volunteer at at least 2 trail races. (Love the Trail & Ultra Family!)
  8. see more of Oklahoma!
  9. join a gym
  10. actually go
  11. keep my vanity clean-er (it tends to be my catch all)
  12.  train Greta to trail run with Ruby and I
  13. keep my office clean now that it is not the official INPPA storage room!
  14. continue thinning out what I have acquired – less is more
  15. get the kayaks to the river a minimum of 6 times this year!
  16. attend Professional Photographers of Oklahoma Fall Convention
  17. attend South West Professional Photographers Association Convention
  18. get the pool open!!!!
  19. try 5 new to me wines
  20. try 5 new to me beers
  21. new tires for the Suburban
  22. Captain an area at Tulsa Oktoberfest again this year with Colin & Erin!
  23. Go to the Dr. figure out what is up with my feet.
  24. Get a jump on holiday shopping
  25. Get a new family portrait with Greta in it!
  26. Find that elusive perfect office cabinet!
  27. Upgrade the boot shelf
  28. Remove particle board furniture from my life!
  29. Run 800 miles by the end of the year – I realize this is a fairly small number and hopefully I will double that by the end of the year. I realize I may be injured and not able to accomplish this but I am going to try.
  30. Get new running shoes. It looks like my faithful Kinvara’s have had a massive overhaul and I will need to visit RunnersWorld Tulsa to be properly fitted and find a new shoe that works for me.
  31. Run a Marathon in a different state.
  32. Eat 3 vegetarian meals a week.
  33. Make an effort to stop avoiding the phone. I don’t know how or why it started but the phone has been my enemy for the past few years.
  34. Get back in the habit of working in my office. As Philliy was in decline I opted to move to the living room so that a human was near by (and she was stressing me out in my office – too many corners to get stuck in).
  35. Make an effort to do some more get together’s with friends – maybe quarterly. Life should not be all meetings.
  36. Find a reason to laugh daily.

Bonus: My good friend Lisa (who inspired this crazy list of goals when I was 24 both of us have changed our online homes over the years so I will not point you to all the old editions) convinced me to add one more.

  • Schedule time to face time / video conference with friends and family. This being said I am now scheduling these calls – 🙂

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