2016 Life Goals – a recap on how I did.

Each year I make a list of goals for the approaching year. I prefer this over resolutions. I make one for each year of my life thus far. These can be small things or very big things. The idea is to keep it fun, realistic, and attainable. I have done this every year since I was 24. Before I begin my new list I look back on the past year to see how things played out. I see it as a great way to take stock of the past year. What worked. What didn’t and plan to improve over the next year!


1. Market the Business More – yes! Accomplished!
2. Put away the laundry more often – not so much, I think I need to master the “swish and flick’.
3. Kayak at least 7 times – nope, try once.
4. Run either the OKC Full or Half this spring – fail
5. Try to cook at least 5 new dishes this year – thank you blue apron, this did happen!
6. Try 3 new Beers – Yep several of my friends brew their own so I got spoiled this year!
7. Try 3 new wines – yes! My wine tastes changed this year. So I have tried many on the search for my new favorite.
8. Run Consistently – better, not great.
9. Use my new yoga mat regularly – nope. Thanks to the EDS appearing as a probable I am too chicken.
10. Attend Turkey Mountain Cleanup Day – 4 of them actually!
11. Get the pool open – fail
12. Keep the office more organized – huge fail too many INPPA boxes to keep things straight.
13. Go camping – twice!
14. Get the cabinet for the office I have been wanting – cant find it 🙁
15. Organize the iTunes library – I did a little still quite a bit I can stand to purge.
16. Target practice at least 3 times – fail.
17. Go to Oktoberfest – Dominated this one! Worked Oktoberfest Every Day!
18. Go kayaking out of state / somewhere other than the Illinois river – fail.
19. Enter print competition – I did at INPPA not at PPOK, I didn’t want to provide myself with a reason to skip my long run so I could listen to my critiques!
20. Continue to grow the business – accomplished, met great new clients!
21. figure out a way to corral my light stands and modifiers – still working on this.
22. Get more sleep – yes! Much more sleep in 2016 – I forgot how sleep deprived 2015 was!
23. Upgrade light fixtures in the house – nope
24. Add 2 significant pieces of equipment to my business – yes! Added a new macro lens and a new macbook!
25. Repair all of Ru’s torn toys – still need to do this!
26. Get a new day job – done
27. Get the new stereo installed in the Suburban – done!
28. Vacuum the house more regularly – maybe
29. Display a few of my landscapes at our house. – still need to do this
30. Plan something fun for my birthday (even if it is just the two of us) – PF Changs!
31. Eat healthier – fail
32. Get back in the habit of cooking more often – fail
33. Drink less Starbucks – fail
34. Go to the stupid grocery store at least once a month – fail
35. Figure out how to make a killer steak – fail

Working Meego’s Cantina at a TATUR trail race, photo credit, Jessy Deanna.

Two of my favorite photography mentors and friends after the INPPA Holiday party, and me with my new fellowship medallion that Jim presented to me!

Jamie and I with Ansel Adams, because how often do you get to have a photo taken with Ansel Adams?

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