2017 Professional Photographers of Oklahoma Photographic Competition

September 24th marked the conclusion of the 2017 Professional Photographers of Oklahoma’s fall convention. Part of the excitement of fall convention is the photographic competition. Professional photographers from all across Oklahoma gather our favorite and most prized work that we must keep hidden away from the internet.   State level competition is essentially round two
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Stretching your creative muscles

Earlier this month some of my Photography Family scattered across the state and I set up a gathering designed to allow us time to stretch our creative muscles and have a ball doing it! 5 photographers, 6 models, 3 locations,12 hours, and an untold amount of clothing! We visited a friend in Enid and took
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What you can expect from a session at Beyond Ordinary Life Photography

Beyond Ordinary Life Photography is a full service portrait studio. More often than not new clients do not know what to expect when I say that. Full service means I work with you from the day of booking all the way up to hanging your portraits in your home. Before we ever actually photograph the
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Photographer Client Confidentiality – it really does exist!

    Let’s talk about confidentiality between a photographer and their clients. This is a HUGE deal to me. I will never post “sneak peeks”of your photo sessions without your permission, and there are several reasons why.   One of the most important reasons for this rule: I have no way of knowing if your
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Now booking Holiday Portrait Sessions in the Tulsa Area!

  Holidays are a busy time no matter what you do and for photographers it’s doubly hectic! As a matter of fact, my home was not even fully decorated in 2016! Last year as I rushed to complete all my editing and shipping in time for pre-holiday delivery to my clients’ homes I found myself
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Bucket List Locations – One down • Tulsa, Oklahoma

In my calendar I carry with me everywhere I go I keep a few lists running of creative ideas I have.   First is the list of blog topics that may (or may never) be written.   Second comes the list of competition concepts, some with diagrams of lighting or locations; some just titles.  
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Community Involvement – Oklahoma Kayak and Tulsa’s Great Raft Race 2017

Recently I photographed a few community events (and I plan to catch even more this year). Why? Because there is a certain unfiltered element that captures life in a way no posed photo or selfie ever could. It shows raw grit. Vitality, joy and LIFE! Not only that you were present but that you LIVED!
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September 2017 – A month of recovery aid.

As we sit comfortably in our homes here in Green Country Oklahoma our collective hearts are breaking for our Texas neighbors. Usually this time of year would be the beginning of light hearted ribbing over football. This year all eyes are on Texas and the unimaginable volume of water invading. I want to encourage each
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Fathers Day – a day I worked hard to avoid

I wrote this in 2016, a year has passed and it still rings true. Growing up fathers day was salt in an open wound. While it seemed everyone was celebrating greeting card perfect Dad’s I was working hard to not cry. I built a rough and tough exterior. While I won’t speak ill of the
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Cry Baby Hill 2017

  Cry Baby Hill is a part of the Tulsa Tough Event Series. The “Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is a unique three-day cycling festival experience for racers, riders, and spectators, all centered in beautiful downtown Tulsa and along the banks of the Arkansas River.” The Riverparks Crit is the final event taking place in one
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Family Portraiture – Al, Emily and Jimmy

I am so excited to finally be able to share the photos from this fall portrait session! This family is extra special to me; Emily and I have been friends since freshman year at Broken Arrow.   When Al was 1 year old Emily asked me to photograph him, since then it has become a
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